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The Renaissance Company was founded in 1996. We export plywood and hardboard products manufactured by famous Belarusian timber factories. FanDOK(Bobruisk), PinskDrev(Pinsk) and Mostovdrev (Mosty) factories are the key producers in the Republic of Belarus, quality of which is highly appreciated in many countries. Every product has a Certificate of Quality. Our representatives control every stage of loading and documentation for each of the factory. It allows us to avoid any inaccuracy or damage during loading procedure and to ensure duly preparation of customs documents.

'Renaissance' has been running its business for 16 years. You can find our partners throughout all Europe (Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Italy, etc.) as well as the Russian Federation. 'Renaissance' exports about 200 000 m2 of hardboard and 5 000 m3 of plywood every year.

We always welcome our new partners to expand this business. If interested, please, get in touch with us anytime.

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